Yaseru Diet


Concept :

This Food Supplement Used for Weight Loss.

Product Description :

  • HALAL Certified product.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Controls Extra Fat in your body.
  • Made from Natural Plants Moringa , Gymnema and Green Tea.
  • Increases Fat Burning Effect and Immunity.
  • Prevents Increase in Blood Glucose Level.
  • Gymnema Contorls Absorption of Sugar From Food.

How to Use :

Take 2 Tablets before each meal with water i.e 6 Tablets per day.



Moringa Leaf Powder, Gymnema extract powder, Maltitol, Green Tea, Sucrose ester, Silicon dioxide.

Contents :  90g ( 360 Tablets) . 2 Months Supply.

Our Special Herbal Formula:

  • • Moringa: Contains Nutritious Protien ,Calcium Gymnema , Iron, VC, VA, Amino Acid and Food fiber.
  • • Gymnema: Controls absorption of sugar from food. Prevents high blood glucose level. Smoothes bowel movement.
  • • Green tea powder: Increases fat-burning effect and immunity, increases memory function.


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