Concept :

This Food Supplement used for Joint and Muscle Pain relief

Product Description :

  • HALAL Certified product.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Natural Food based Supplement
  • Cartilage Restoration
  • To make Joints more strong and healthy

How to Use :

Take 5 balls twice a day before each meal with water i.e 10 ball per day.


Glucosamine (99% hydrochloride), Chondroitin ,MSM, BCAA, essential amino acids, 5 special Herb extract from Willow Trees’s Bark, Olive Leaf Extract, Lemon Verben a Leaf Extract.

Contents :  60g ( 300 Balls) . 1 Months Supply.

Our Special Herbal Formula:

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an important chemical element in our body that is directly linked with the function and condition of knee and joints. As we age, the amount of glucosamine in our body diminishes which nowadays commonly leads to joint and knee pains. Primary function of this element is to contribute towards maintenance and function of the joints and knee cartilages. Glucosamine is a substance that is used up by our body to form cartilage & tendons in our joints.
As we age, the body loses the ability to produce sufficient amount of Glucosamine to replenish & rebuild the cells in our joints, thus leading to pain & inflexibility of the associated joints.

  • It is highly excellent for aging individuals and senior citizens, suffering deformed joints, limited & painful mobility, arthritis, degenerative ligaments or who seek to prevent osteoporosis and degradation of their joints and cartilage.
  • Only the Glucosamine (99 % hydrochloride) from Sea food were used.
  • Premium ingredients which include a proprietary blend of herbs & mix for blood flow & joint remedy.
  • Glucosamine is packed in easy-to-swallow ball from to maintain the proper levels of glucosamine.
  • You can take in a sufficient amount of Glucosamine ( Over 1.2g) with just 10 balls a day.



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