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Reconnecting people with Nature

Bringing the best Halal and Natural Nutraceutical and Cosmetics to our People.

SHINE HIKARI is the sole distributor of Made in Japan daily care products. We gathered Made-in-Japan HALAL products for your better life. Our Products consist of Natural Health Remedies , Food Based Supplements & Halal Cosmetics. A team of professionals with a passion for making high quality Japanese products accessible to the world. We strive towards bridging the gap between the Japanese and the international market by aiding in the development of a trustworthy relationship and mutual corporation. Together, let’s open and explore new avenues and expand our outreach to the whole world.

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I have used Argan oil from last three months , few drops of Argan oil give me a complete satisfaction in both hair and skin . Highly Recommended,
My father used Glucosamine bought from Shine Hikari for joint and knee pain relief . This food supplement provide him relaxation within a week .
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Matthew Johnson
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