Royal Herb EX Regenerative Gel

Made in Japan , Halal Certified Product . 

Royal Herb EX Regenerative gel is created with the best ingredients to ultimately make beautiful skin.

High Quality Gold Flakes

High quality gold flakes are used for Royal Herb Ex Gel. Our gold flakes are certified for their significant effectiveness in brightening and anti-aging.

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Royal Herb EX gel is created with the best ingredients to realize the ultimately beautiful bare skin. Powerful moisturizing ingredients lead to the well-moisturized, firm and elastic, radiant and clear skin.

It is the ideal anti-aging skincare product. Use EX gel before you begin to see the aging signs on the skin.

Strong Ability to Provide and Retain Moisture
Moisturizing Various kinds of key moisturizing ingredients are blended, which provide long-lasting moisture for the skin.

Oil-Free & Animal -Free
Herbal ingredients with strong moisturizing power are chosen, instead of using oil and ingredients driven from animals.

Simple and effective

• Royal’s daily skincare is completed with only two steps; washing your face, then moisturizing. It is a simple and effective skin care.

•All in One: After washing your face, the daily skincare can be completed only with this gel: You don’t need any more toner, essence, eye cream, emulsion, cream.

•Cross Function: This gel can be used as exfoliator as a special skincare.

•All skin types: As well as normal, oily, dry and combination skin type, it can be used even for-sensitive skin type. (Dermatologically tested).

How to use: 

Daily Skincare:
Use every morning and night after washing your face. Apply 2-3 pushes to the entire face evenly.

Special Skincare:
Weekly Exfoliate your face with the gel once or twice a week.


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